Client Service
Bringing “What Good Looks Like” to Every Interaction

October 8, 2020

I grew up as the son of a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. As part of a large community of military families, we lived by certain core values. Even as children, we knew what mattered: honesty and authenticity, service before self, strong team mindset, and excellence. These founding principles are a strong part of who I am, and led to a career centered around building businesses, client service, and team leadership.

Living and working in four continents has given me an intuition for “what good looks like” in a services organization. The language of great client service is truly universal.  The bonds we build, the service we provide, and the quality of our deliverables say much about who we are and what we stand for. And being in the services industry for 20 years has taught me to consider not only the clients’ needs, but the needs of their end customers and users. In the healthcare industry, those end users are patients – the reason for everything we do.

At Bond and Matter, we strive to bring “what good looks like” to every interaction. To us, that’s centered around the following core pillars:

1. Honesty and authenticity

Clients deserve an honest and transparent partner. In my career, the honest but difficult conversations I’ve had with clients have only strengthened the bond and trust they had with the agency. In speaking with many clients over the years about the values they find most important in an agency, trust and authenticity always rank highly.

2. Commitment to Client Service

There’s a reason we enjoy the experience more when a hotel or airline provides impeccable service. The small details really matter. How we service our clients in the agency world is very similar – our responsiveness, professionalism, finish, and depth to which we understand their business make the difference between good and great.

3. Partnership mindset

The most productive client-agency relationships are the ones where you achieve a level of true thought partnership, moving far beyond being just execution focused. Agencies that work the client’s business as if it were their own – that strategize on their behalf, that bring the big ideas, that uncover the gaps and provide solutions – will be the most successful.

4. Excellence in delivery

In this industry, we always say we’re only as good as our last deliverable. How we deliver ultimately is what makes or breaks us as an agency. Having a high standard of excellence and consistently delivering great work is so important in building lasting trust and confidence in our clients.

As an agency, our work will be measured by how well our clients connect with their customers and the meaningful impact they create. What we can do as partners is to ensure their experience is as seamless, productive, and fun as possible as we all work together to create engagements that matter.

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